Well, well, well. Looks like KD is definitely on his way out of Golden State. To be honest, I never thought he would be a warrior for the rest of career, or even during the prime of his career even.

There’s a few key points on why I think KD is bound for somewhere else at the end of the season, championship or not.

First of all, that video….during the Warriors Summer Parade, I know people are laughing it off saying it’s typical banter, but come on in public like that and with KD being so sensitive…check it….


Fast forward to the first third of this season, and we’ve been getting major locker room drama, of which it didn’t really materialise in the first two seasons. (yeah there was that KD hogging the last shot off Steph, at the beginning but it was just KD’s habit of taking the last shot.)

Curry getting injured and that changed the dynamics on the court considerably, especially he came out of the gate at the start of the season in GOD mode….

But after Curry went out with injury, KD stepped it up and somehow it didn’t reasonate well, especially with Draymond Green. You top it off with all the losses, and it turns to this…

Look at KD’s reaction as Green fell, total disgust…..play that back a season ago, KD would have been running over to help Draymond up!

Lastly, Kevin is a sensitive soul, and he’s very much aware that despite those two Finals MVP, people say this is Steph’s Team, and they are absolutely right. It is Steph team and it will always be Stephs team – Curry and Klay built that team. The Splash Brothers made it happen. We all know he’s sensitive because the man responds to random twitters!!! And he’s coming out with the truth on interviews, no longer always giving the blank vanilla answers.

Kevin wants that chip and once he got it with the Warriors, it didn’t bring him that sense of satisfaction. He didn’t climb that mountain, he took a helicopter. And deep down he knows it, so the only chance of him making his legacy the way he wants it, is to go get another championship somewhere else.

So you ask me, where is that somewhere? I say – Sacramento Kings!

Yup, you heard it here………..

Why? Well, check that post here.






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