I am picking the Kings as one of the future teams to watch out for. Two main reasons.

De’arron Fox and Kevin Durant.

In my opinion, De’arron Fox is going to be a better version of John Wall. He has blazing speed, fantastic athleticism, but three other attributes which will lift him above John’s ceiling.

His mental game – Dude is chilled and focused at the same time. He’s fast but yet controlled, he’s not a chucker like many of the pseudo point guards these days. He runs the team and gets players involved. Steady and dynamic which is what I think a team benefits from the most. The team often takes on the personality of it’s point guard and or the best player (The Alpha) Look at Westbrook, dudes’ a tempest, but even that blows out….which is what happened time and time again at OKC as the season runs on, and what will prove to be the end as the years go by. Check my other post here on Westbrook.

He’s a better shooter then John Wall. In some ways that’s not saying much as John really couldn’t shoot when he came into the league. In only De’arron’s second year, he’s averaging close to 40% from the three point land. In contrast, John’s second year % was .071!!! Yikes! Although to be fair to John he has now improved his shooting to a career average around 30%.

Lastly, his leadership. John’s not a great leader, as evident by all the negative news that’s come out over the years, his team mates just don’t get on with him. And this is not to say he’s a bad leader just people don’t like him, but his temperament and negativity gets the team down. He had bad body language when things aren’t going his way or when his team mates are playing badly, he struggles to know or is able to pick them up.

So why Kevein Durant? Well if you’ve jumped from my KD post to here, you’re know why….Kevin needs to go to a team where he can be the man, somewhere there’s a young star in the making, and where the point will give him the ball.

It’s still at west coast, it’s a happening place. You can tell Kevin likes San Francisco area, he ain’t heading to the East Coast. And you know, if he gets to knock off Golden State with his new Sacramento team, that’s clear off that blemish where people say he joined Golden State just to get the ring. People’s end perception will be – WOW he showed that it was him that was more crucial to the team for those last two rings, as he beat Golden State with his new team, etc……

Buddy Hield will have to go, they’ll need to trade him for another piece. As just Fox and KD will take them to the promise land. Who do you think the Kings should trade him for? Maybe Devin Booker!! LOL….

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