Jaylen Brown, I’ve been on his bandwagon since day 1! So it was no surprise to me when he blew up last year for the Celtics when Gordon Hayward went down with that freak injury.

Many including myself thought this year would be another step towards stardom, but it’s been tough going for Jaylen this year. The reasons are many and not all valid. I do agree with the lack of court time consistency. The Celtics are stacked, too stacked at the SG/SF position. It’s a real log jam with Jason Tatum (Another stud) Gordon Hayward (Former All Star), Marcus Morris (solid NBA Pro) along with Semi Ojeleye and Gab Yabusele! Now granted, Semi and Gab aren’t going to be taking Jaylen’s minutes but it’s a tough ask to be competing for time on the court with three other top players in Tatum, Marcus and Gordon!

What I don’t agree with! Apparently in the locker room and across the league people are saying Jaylen is too intelligent, which is why he’s having an awful year! Total nonsense. Sure, he might over think and analyse a little but I bet even non intelligent players think about how they played their last rubbish game. Switch on any pod cast, and players always talk about how they play over their last game or last match in their mind and what they might have done differently! People are just uncomfortable with the concept of an academically bright, thinking articulate black basketball player.

Across the forums, many of the Boston fans have turned on Jaylen already, they think he’s a bust. I totally disagree. He has so many attributes which are outstanding and he should be a player they look to keep for the future, if they want to build this dynasty they keep on talking about!

Personally I think if anyone should be traded, it needs to be Marcus Smart and Terry Rozier and not Brown. Jaylen is going to be a better defender as he is taller, longer reach, just as tenacious, and with a better upside on offence and defence.

I like Scary Terry, but in the Boston system, with so many wings that can handle the rock, they don’t really need him. Besides with the number of point guards floating about these days he’s not that precious a commodity. More importantly they need to keep Kyrie.

The bottom line on Jaylen Brown for me is that besides the fundamental physical talents he has, his intelligence (yes his brains), is the fierceness with which he approaches the game with! Man, the dude is a dog! The first time I saw him play was – dude is FIERCE!!! Despite the then shaky handles and somewhat raw offensive game, the fierceness just radiated across the TV screen!

I am a fan, Jaylen – keep on doing what you are doing and ignore the chatter about being too intelligent for the NBA – what a load of bollocks!

*Typical I make a post about how he’s embattled, then he drops 30 on the spurs…..

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