The Greek Freak is realising his potential to become potentially the MVP of the league and he’s only 24! Last year and this year, he’s crushing the league and filling up the stat sheet:

2017-18: Points per Game 26.9; Assists 3; Rebound 10; Blocks 1.4; Steals 1.5

2018-19: Points per Game 26.3; Assists 4.3; Rebounds 12.6; Blocks 1.6; Steals 1.3

He’s been absolutely killing it on the inside, his dunks the last two seasons have been vicious! Once he does his spin move into the lane, he usually finishes with a slam! His go to moves are

  1. Euro Step. (Thanks to his crazy long steps, he can go past you with ease and then bounce straight up for a dunk, because of those freak hops)
  2. Spin move into the lane and into the defender for a dunk. (He doesn’t normally spin away, instead he moves the defender and plays bully ball which I love! KAT take note!)

I am not sure if he’ll ever hit above 40% on his threes, as he’s averaging 26% for his career, and he’s been in the league 6 years already. But like everyone says if he does it’s going to be game over for the league.

We all know his physical talents, for his height and length he is ridiculously coordinated, fast and explosive. Have a read of this article, Giannis has the perfect body for playing basketball!

The thing I like about Giannis as well is his character.

Yeah sure it’s before he really became an NBA superstar, but check the joy. Dude is the same on the basketball court, he plays with joy and abandon. Absolutely no fear at all.

Here’s another cool video of him playing some 1 on 1!

So, shout out to the young buck, just wanted to share my appreciation and love for this fantastic player, and pencil him in for the MVP!


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