Right now coming up to the middle of the NBA season, Bucks have stormed out of the gate and for the first time in a long time, stand at the top of the Eastern Conference with a 26 and 10 record.

Giannis has been beasting, check my MVP Rising Post. The rest of the team has been doing their thing and the coach Mike Budenholzer showing what a good coach he is compared to Jason Kidd by displaying much more tactical nous than the Hall of Fame PG.

But……..I am not convinced this roster has what it takes to take to win the Championship. Yes, Middleton is perfect pairing for Giannis with his array of jump shooting moves, low key and low maintenance. But they need another superstar with Giannis to take them to the promised land.


Bledsoe is who he is now at the age of 29, he’s not going to turn into Steve Nash and get any better, if anything he’s likely to get worse.


Malcolm Brogdon is solid and perfect for either the bench or to fill in at the starter and at career 40% clip at three point land he’s in top 20 in the NBA. Also peep his FT%, way up in the 90s.

mal brog

I really think the Bucks need another sharpshooter and a super star to compliment Giannis. The question is who? It’s a shame Korver went to Jazz, as Budenholzer knows how to utilise Korver to the max. Yes, the guy is getting old but he is still a better three point shooter then anyone on Bucks.

Funny thing is, Derrick Rose would be a fantastic reserve point on this team. Well, to be honest he is balling out and would fit anywhere…….But on the Bucks, he wouldn’t be the focal point, his 3 three point shot means he is now a credible shooter, which means he and Giannis can co-exist. And he’s at the point in his career, where he doesn’t need to be the man, perfect 2nd/3rd star to Giannis.

It doesn’t look like Bledsoe is too valuable, especially after last year’s playoffs when he got smashed by Terry Rozier.

I hope to god, the Bucks don’t resign him……….unless they get him at a bargain price. But personally if I could have Derrick Rose or Bledsoe at the same price, I would take Rose all day long. (Derrick is a much better passer then Bledsoe, along with all the other stuff that we know about.)

They need to resign Middleton, go after Derrick Rose and one other three point shooter, really open up that floor for Giannis. Oh and of course keep Malcolm as he is a restricted free agent.

I do fear that if the Bucks don’t get anyone marquee stylee like Anthony Davis, they’re going to waste the prime of Giannis’s career. Boston is set for the future and Raptors provided they can keep Kawhi Leonard will set major roadblocks in the east for the next 5 years.



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