We’re getting to the end of the regular season of 2019! I thought I would throw out a quick post.

A ton of people are all jumping off the Boston Celtics bandwagon, whereas I have stayed on it throughout, and I am convinced they’re going to make some noise in the playoffs. Last night’s game proved my point. Sure there’s been discord in the team, but these guys are real competitors and young too, when the juice starts flowing and the arena is rocking, you know this Celtic’s team is going to be locked in! Looking at the standings, I can say for certainty they’ll beat any of the teams from 5th place onwards. And if they draw the sixers in the second round, look out. They’ve got 6 more games to consolidate, the Celtics are peaking at the right time!

Kawhi Lenard looks to be revving up his motor as his defence has re-emerged. I think he’s been saving himself in the regular season and he’s a proven performer in the play offs. However I am not sure their bench is going to be enough to get them past the Bucks. Jeremy Lin has been in a huge slump since joining the Raptors. He needs to play himself out of it and shoot without fear! Some of those shots, he looks so hesitant and as a result is air balling like crazy! I am betting on Jeremy to come through in the playoffs, he can do it. Like always, he’ll get one or two chances to play and he’s got to take it when he comes.

Bucks are locked to be No 1 Seed! They’ll get a 60 win season for sure. But the main thing is to get Giannis right, and ease up on the minutes. Man, the Bucks look good! I suppose Giannis doesn’t want to sit too much, as he wants that MVP. I’ll be majorly pissed if James Haren wins it. The Greek Freak deserves it and I also made the prediction early on, so I need to be right!

In the west, OKC looks like cannon fodder, which I am very disappointed about, as I had high hopes for them when PG was balling. They have a chance to win 4 out of the remaining 6 games. If they don’t draw Portland, it’s over. They are not beating Golden State or Denver.

Not much to talk about in the West really. I can’t see anyone beating Golden State, which makes it a bit boring. I was hoping for the Kings to make a run, but seeing as they have to play the Rockets twice and the Jazz for their remaining fixtures, it’s over. Fox has been electric this year. Buddy Hield to my surprise has been quite good, I know he’s now the Franchise leader in season 3 pointers made, but it’s the way the NBA is played now.



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