Round the NBA Playoffs

Due to work and holidays I have been remiss on blogging. However the playoffs have been pretty dull. The only series worth watching was Portland against OKC. Main reason was the Lillard and Westbrookmatch up. Westbrook talked a lot of trash in the regular season against Lillard.

To save you listening to Rachel prattling on, go straight to 1:52.


So, all eyes were on them in this first series. Unfortunately I only caught the highlights and as any true baller knows the game is not defined by highlights nor the boxscore, but it was clear that OKC was going to get bounced if they didn’t pick it up. They won game 3 and Paul George capped off the win with a double pump reverse dunk, then lost game 4. Westbrook getting outplayed all series long. (It’s been clear to me that Russell has lost a step, as he has settled for a lot of layups this season and missing them, whereas in the past he would have tomahawked them in. Maybe all this trash talking is to intimidate the opponent as Russell knows he doesn’t have the physical ability to overwhelm the opposition like he use to.)

Anyway, Game 5 being elimination game I had to watch at least the second half. I watched the first half with highlights. OKC was fighting and PG was balling. Russell not so much, but then he made several key buckets to stretch the lead. However as stated on bazillions of youtube videos and news reports Lillard played an absolute stormer – 50 points. He hung 50 points on the elimination game for OKC and kicked them out of the playoffs, and the with 35 foot dagger three to boot in the final second. I know everyone was gushing about the shot at the end, but I also loved this driving layup to even it up with about 30 seconds to go – one hell of a drive

Go to 14:10 to see it.

The other round 1 were too predictable.

Sixers ofcourse beat the nets. (Sure they lost a game but it was never in doubt)

Raptors beat the Magic, even though they had their usual wobble. With Kyle scoring 0 points in game 1. But with Kawhi balling, it was over.

Celtics kicked the Pacers ass, just like I said they would in an earlier post of mine. This team is going to be FIRE.

Bucks swept the Pistons, Griffin never had a chance, he’s going to waste what remaining prime he has on that team.

Out in the West, the only passable games were watching was

Nuggets vs Spurs, but then Spurs games are kinda boring. Even if it did get to Game 7. Nuggets squeaked by.

The other two series were not worth watching really…..

Warriors vs Clippers, I felt the Warriors took the Clippers lightly but in the end as per usual the Warriors came through. Much respect to the Clippers for fighting though.

Rockets vs Jazz – snoozefest. D Mitchell didn’t really show up, sure he scored but he wasn’t as good as last year. I hate the Rockets anyway thanks to James Harden. (Crazy to think I use to be a Rockets fan when it was Hakeem, Sam I am, Rob Horry and co…….)


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