This is where it gets interesting!

I left it a bit late for predictions as the games have all started.

For what it’s worth this is what I would have predicted.


Bucks over Celtics in 7.

Raptors over Sixers in 7.

As it stands Bucks dropped their home opener to the Celtics, that was a bit of a trap game for them, but they’ve come back and tied the series 1-1. Now I am going to predict Celtics take Game 3 and Bucks Game 4. Then it’s all to play for til Game 7! Giannis has not been his dominant self, but the Celtics are probably the best team equipped with length to stop him.

Raptors won their opening game but lost the second. I made the prediction on Raptors in 7 mainly because one of my friends is a huge Raptors fan and with their regular season record they should go through, but then this is the Raptors, and in true fashion dropped the second game. The problem with that team, outside of Kawhi, they’re actually not that good. Gasol has declined massively. Serge isn’t what he was despite his stats. Lowry is fools gold……..I could go on……I suppose in my heart I feel Raptors are going to choke this series and Leonard is going to go, but that would decimate them as a team, so hope against hope, they beat the Sixers and go onto the Eastern Conference Finals.


Warriors over Rockets in 6.

Nuggets over Portland in 6.

Warriors have taken a commanding 2-0 series lead. The main talk has been the officiating. I can’t believe Harden has come out with the statement “I just want a fair chance.” The dude has been hooking, flopping and travelling,  it’s bloody ironic. Don’t even get me started on his bad shot taking just to raise his stats.

I hate that shit.

So when the Warriors are smacking James around, I just love it. It’s as though, well if we’re going to get whistled for a foul, then it’ll be a real foul. And they’re letting James know about it.

Nuggets took Game 1, but it almost seems Portland is waiting to get back to home court to level this series. Be more interesting when we get to 2-2.

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